Birds of Kerala

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Bird Zones, Sanctuaries, Parks in Kerala

1. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary


One of the smallest bird sanctuary in the entire country. It is situated near to the  High Court, Ernakulam. According to the department of forest, there is about 192 birds from 32 species were found in this National Park. The Park  is only about 2.7 Hectors. There is a great decline of birds from the sanctuary is happening due to the high rising flats. It is best to visit in the morning. There is a forest warden office in the sanctuary and facilities for visitors are also there. It is a mangrove forest which is acting as a green lung to the city. Last time when I visited this park, I was only able to find some cormorants and some backyard birds only. A lot of birds have evacuated from this park. The park is enclosed by High Rising Residential flats. So chances for the returning of birds will became feeble year after year.

Exact Location: 9.99011,76.274257

2. Mangroove Forest near the ICT Road 966A to Kalamaserry.


This place is located near to the Paddy Fields of Pizhala and Kadamakudy. Purple Herons, Asian Openbills, Ibises, Egrets, Swamphens and other common birds are spotted in a large number. Now decreasing due to habitat loss.

Exact Location: 10.019399,76.252627

3. Mangrove Forest Near LNG Terminal, PuthuVypin, Cochin

This place is home to hundreds of Egrets, Purple  Herons, Oriental Darters, Cormorants, Raptors, Terns and lots of birds.

Birds are decreasing due to the lose of habitat. Near Threatened Birds like Oriental Darters can be seen here.



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